St. Emilina was born about 1115.  As a solitary lay sister in the Cistercian Abbey of Boulancourt, she led a life of great penitence.  She fasted from food and liquids three day a week.  Went barefoot winter and summer, wore a hair shirt and a pointed iron chain.  She was constantly communing with God and recited the Psalms frequently, leading a wondrous life of prayer.  She was consulted by people from all around as her sanctity spread, especially when they heard of her gift of prophecy.  She counseled them with patience and humility, bringing about the conversion of many.  Her life-long labors and penances finally wore her out and she died in 1178.  Her renown was so great that an eternal light was placed on her grave.

FEAST DAY:  October 27
PATRON OF:  Lay women