Suddenly I saw the Lord interiorly, and He said to me, Fear not, My daughter; I am with you. In that single moment, all the darkness and torments vanished, my senses were inundated with unspeakable joy, [and] the faculties of my soul filled with light (Diary, 103).
Satan always takes advantage of such moments; thoughts of discouragement began to rise to the surface for your faithfulness and sincerity this is yourreward. How can one be sincere when one is so misunderstood? Jesus, Jesus, I cannot go on any longer. Again I fell to the ground under this weight, and I broke out in a sweat, and fear began to overcome me. I had no one to lean on interiorly. Suddenly I heard a voice within my soul, Do not fear; I am with you. And an unusual light illumined my mind, and I understood that I should not give in to such sorrows. I was filled with a certain strength and left my cell with newcourage to suffer (Diary, 129).
My Prayer Response:
Lord Jesus, help me to hear Your word of encouragement when I need it: Do not fear; I am with you.