St. Canute,  King of Denmark was the father of Charles.  In 1086 when Charles was only five years old, Canute was slain.  His mother took him to the court of Robert, Count of Flanders.  Robert was his maternal grandfather.  He became a knight and went with his uncle, Robert II, on a crusade to the Holy Land.  He distinguished himself at that time.  Charles also fought against the English.  Robert’s son, Baldwin, succeeded  him as Count of Flanders on Robert’s death.   Charles became his aide and confident. Charles was closely associated with Baldwin, who designated Charles as his heir and arranged for Charles’ marriage. Charles became Count of Flanders on Baldwin’s death.  He ruled wisely.   There were other claimants to the throne and while he was praying in St. Damian church, he was murdered.  His cult was confirmed in 1883, March 2.

FEAST DAY- March 2