Born in 1474 in Desenzano in Italy.   At age 15 she became a tertiary of St Francis.  God revealed that she would establish a “company” to promote the welfare of souls.  In her home town she founded a school for young girls and another at Brescia.  She established twelve religious companies and founded the Ursulines of Brescia.  Her organizations would remain in the world but devote themselves to every type of corporal and spiritual works of mercy.   Most important was education.   Her foundation was of a new society which would advance the order in the world around them.  They did not take vows or wear habits, but did have to adopt the canonical safeguards required of all nuns.  St. Angela’s company chose St. Ursula as their patron.  St. Angela’s schools strengthened Catholicism in Italy.  She  died in 1540 AD.

FEAST DAY- January 27

PATRON OF- Handicapped people