On the First Friday of the month, before Communion, I saw a large ciborium filled with sacred hosts. A hand placed the ciborium in front of me, and I took it in my hands. There were a thousand living hosts inside. Then I heard a voice,These are hosts which have been received by the souls for whom you have obtained the grace of true conversion during this Lent. That was aweek before Good Friday (Diary , 640).
Then suddenly I saw the Lord, who clasped me to His Heart and said to me,My daughter, do not weep, for I cannot bear your tears. I will grant youeverything you ask for, but stop crying. And I was filled with great joy, and my spirit, as usual, was drowned in Him as in its only treasure (Diary , 928).

My Prayer Response:

Lord Jesus, thank You for Your loving and tender response to St. Faustina’s intercession for souls. It encourages us to be loving and tender in our intercession for souls in need of Your mercy.