On one occasion, after a person had asked me for prayer, when I met the Lord I said to Him, “Jesus, I especially love those souls whom You love.” And Jesusanswered, And as for Me, I bestow special graces on those souls for whom you intercede (Diary , 599).

After Holy Communion today, I spoke at length to the Lord Jesus about people who are special to me. Then I heard these words: My daughter, don’t beexerting yourself so much with words. Those whom you love in a special way, I too love in a special way, and for your sake, I shower My graces upon them. I am pleased when you tell Me about them, but don’t be doing so with such excessive effort (Diary , 739).

My Prayer Response:

Lord Jesus, shower with mercy all the people that we love in a special way as we intercede for them and for the whole world. Lord, I especially remember myfamily members and close friends.