St. Adrian was a native of Africa.  He was the Abbot of a monastery near Monte Casino, Italy.  He was a saintly man.  The pope appointed him to the post of Archbishop of Canterbury because of his talent for instructing and nurturing a nation still young in the Faith.  Because Adrian felt unworthy of such an assignment, he suggested St. Theodore be assigned there.  The pope assigned Theodore to be his assistant and adviser.  On their way to France, Adrian was arrested as an agent of the Eastern Emperor.  Theodore proceeded to Rome.  When Adrian finally arrived in Rome, he found that Theodore had been made Archbishop.  Adrian became Abbot of Sts. Peter and Paul monastery at Canterbury.  Adrian’s administration of the Abbey and his teachings brought many students to the monastery.  He died on January 9, 710.  His tomb became famous for the miracles obtained there.

FEAST DAY- January 9