John was born in 1403 in the village of Kanty in Poland.  He became a professor in the University of Cracow after finishing his studies.  He tried to  instill into the hearts of his students sentiments of piety while teaching them science.  He was ordained to the priesthood and strove for the greater   glory of God.  He became a true pastor of souls, striving to change them from their carelessness and indifference.  He tried to show himself as father and friend to his people.  He resumed his teaching after some years.  On a pilgrimage to Jerusalem he preached “Jesus Crucified” to the Turks.  Four times he walked to Rome to make a pilgrimage.  He ate very little and practiced severe discipline of his body.  After distributing all he had to the poor, he died in 1474.

FEAST DAY- December 23