St. AmbroseSt. Ambrose

Born around the year 340 in Gaul. His father died while Ambrose was an infant and his mother moved back to Rome.  He was well educated, he learned Greek and was a poet and orator. He moved to Milan to be with his brother. He was appointed Governor of Liguoria and Aemilia. When the Milan See was vacated, he was appointed Bishop. He accepted reluctantly. Since he was only a catechumen, he had to be baptized and was consecrated Bishop at age 34. He gave his fortune to the Church and the poor. St. Ambrose became a foe of heresy and by the year 385 very few heretics were in the diocese. He was sent to Gaul and successfully concluded a treaty with the Emperor. He assisted in many problems in the kingdom and bapt

 FEAST DAY:  December 7

PATRON OF:  Beekeepers, Candle-makers