His life is shrouded in mystery.  Tradition says he was sent to Gaul from Rome by Pope Fabian around the year 245.  There he was to preach the Faith to the people of that country.  He fixed his See at Toulouse in the year 250 and converted a number of idolaters by his preaching and miracles.  One day he was seized by the priests of the principal temple of the city.  They dragged him into it and said he should either appease the offended deities by offering sacrifices to them or die.  He positively refused so they abused him.  Finally they tied his feet to a wild bull and then drove the beast from the temple.  He was dragged after it and soon died. His body was literally torn to pieces.  This probably happened under Valerian in 257.

FEAST DAY:  November 29

PATRON OF:  Toulouse