Incorrupt body of the saint

She was born in France on May 2, 1806, and named Zoe.  Her mother died when she was eight, and she took care of the family.  She never went to school.  In 1830 she joined the Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, taking the name of Catherine.   She was sent to Rue de Bac Convent in Paris.  Almost immediately, she started to receive visions of the Virgin in the chapel.  She was told in several of them to have a medal struck showing the Lady and honoring the Immaculate Conception.  Permission was given for the medal to be made, and in 1832 the first medals were struck.  The visions were authenticated in 1836 by a special commission.  From 1831 until her death, Catherine spent her life performing menial tasks at the Hospice d’Enghlen, never revealing her visions to any but her confessor until a few months before her death on December 31 at Enghien.  She was canonized on November 28, 1947.

FEAST DAY:  November 28

PATRON OF:   The Miraculous Medal