When, on one occasion, instead of interior prayer, I took up a book of spiritual reading, I heard these words spoken distinctly and forcefully within my soul,You will prepare the world for My final coming. These words moved me deeply, and although I pretended not to hear them, I understood them very well and had no doubt about them. Once, being tired out from this battle of love with God, and making constant excuses on the grounds that I was unable to carry out this task, I wanted to leave the chapel, but some force held me back and I found myself powerless. Then I heard these words, You intend to leave the chapel, but you shall not get away from Me, for I am everywhere. You cannot do anything of yourself, but with Me you can do all things (Diary,429).

My Prayer Response:

Lord Jesus, without You, we can do nothing, but with You and Your gracious mercy, we can do all things (see Phil 4:13). Help us as apostles of Your Divine Mercy to prepare for and pray for Your final coming. May our celebration and offering of Holy Mass hasten the day of Your coming.