When St. Mechtilde was seven years of age, she was entrusted to the care of the nuns of Rodalasdorf.  Shortly after this her elder sister, Gertrude was elected their Abbess.  Mechtilde became a nun and mistress of the school when the house moved to Helfa.  There she became the trainer of a five-year old who entered the monastery in 1262 and went on to become St. Gertrude the Great.  St. Gertrude wrote of her mistress: “There has never been anyone like her in our monastery, and I am afraid there will never be again.”  St. Gertrude, in collaboration with another nun wrote an account of Mechtilde’s spirited teaching and mystical experiences entitled “The Book of Special Grace”.  It was made public after her death November 19,1298.

FEAST DAY:  November 19

PATRON OF:  Falsely accused