St. Elizabeth, the daughter of King Alexander II of Hungary, was born in 1207. She was sent, at the age of 4, to the court of Landgrave of Thuringia for her education.  She was betrothed to their infant son.  She grew in piety as she aged and in 1221, she married Louis of Thuringia.  She lead an austerely simple life, despite her position in court.  She practiced penance, and devoted herself to works of charity.  Her husband was inclined to religion and highly esteemed her virtue.  He encouraged her in her exemplary life.  They had three children.  Louis was killed while fighting with the Crusaders, and Elizabeth left the court.  She made arrangements for the care of her children and became a tertiary of St. Francis.  She built the Franciscan hospital at Marburg and devoted herself to the care of the sick until her death at age 24 in 1231.

FEAST DAY:  November 17

PATRON OF:  Bakers, homeless