St. Sidonius was a native of Scotland.  In the 7th century, he came in contact with some monks from the Abbey of Jumieges (Normandy) who had been sent to Ireland to ransom Anglo-Saxon slaves.  He was impressed with their life and went back to Jumieges about 1664 and received the monastic habit.  Ten years later, he was sent to the monastery of Herio and to the monastery of Quincay.  In 674 he accompanied St. Audoenus to Rome.  About 685 he returned to Jumgieges and founded a monastery near Rouen.  This became known as the Monastery of Saint-Saens.  It was destroyed in 851 by the Normans.  After the death of St. Audoenus, he was instrumental in founding another monastery in the region.  He weathered many storms, both physical and spiritual, like all pioneering religious. But by clinging steadfastly to trust in God, he helped many souls before his death.

FEAST DAY:  November 14