Born of pagan parents in Pannonia (Hungary) about 317. Early in life he became a catchumen and served in the Roman army.  He had a vision of Christ (about 339) after he had given half his cloak to a beggar at Amines which impelled him to Baptism and the religious life.  St. Hilary, Bishop of Poitiers, ordained him as an exorcist.  He had the happiness of converting his mother to Christianity.  For offering public opposition to the Arians, he was flogged. He and St. Hilary built a monastery at Liguge after Hilary’s return from exile. It consisted of a few grottoes in the rock and wooden cells in which they all lived, and it was called the monastery of Marmoutier.  Because of their monastic standard, a number of disciples joined them.  The monastery was known as the nursery of Bishops, such was the reputation of their disciples.  St. Martin labored zealously to rid idolatry from the diocese of Tours and the surrounding parts of Gaul.  He and St. Ambrose zealously protested the putting to death of heretics.  Because of his virtues and sanctity, he was rewarded by an extraordinary of miracles.  He died in 397, well over the age of 80.

FEAST DAY:  November 11

PATRON OF:  Reformed alcoholics