But there is time, so that I the Lord will fulfill all your wishes. I delight in you as in a living host; let nothing terrify you; I am with you (Diary, 923).

My daughter, too great are your demands. “Jesus, You know that for You it is easier to grant much rather than a little.” That is so, it is less difficult forMe to grant a soul much rather than a little, but every conversion of a sinful soul demands sacrifice. … My dear daughter, I comply with your request (Diary, 961).

My Prayer Response:

Lord Jesus, may I learn to pray like St. Faustina who made demands of You that are too great (Diary, 961). St. Faustina asked that You grant the grace of conversion to as many souls as the number of stitches that she made on a particular day with the crochet hook. She said that it is all she could do under holy obedience in her sickness: simple stitching. And the Lord complied with her request!