Born in Italy in 1538 to the noble family of Borromeo.  He received his doctorate in civil and canon law in 1559.  His uncle, Cardinal de Medici, was elected Pope in that same year.  He took the name of Pius IV.  He appointed Charles a Cardinal, and a short time later nominated him Archbishop of Milan though he was only 22 years old.  He labored diligently in Rome founding the Vatican Academy for literary work and other interests of the church.  He was instrumental in assembling the Council of Trent, enforcing its reforms, and composing the Roman Catechism. After his ordination he accepted the office of grand penitentiary.  The Pope died in 1564 with Charles at his side.  After Pius V was elected, Charles went to Milan.  He showed himself the true shepherd by his self-sacrificing during the great plague in  Milan in 1575.  He died in 1584.

FEAST DAY:  November 4

PATRON OF:  Catechists, seminarians