Born in the territory of Soissons, France during the reign of Dagobert I.  In 630 she became a religious in a monastery of nuns in Jouarre.  Her prudence appeared so perfect that she was given the care of entertaining strangers, charge of the sick and of the children who were being educated there, despite her youth.  Her example influenced the whole community.  St. Bathildis, wife of Clovis II, asked the Abbess of Jouarre to send over a small colony of nuns to lead novices in the practice of monastic perfection.  Bertrille was chosen to lead the colony and became the first Abbess of Chelles around 646.  Her sanctity and the good discipline of her monastery brought several foreign princesses including Hereswith, Queen of East Angles.  Queen Bathildis also took the monastic habit there in 665, so Bertrille became the superior of two Queens.  She governed the monastery for forty-six years, increasing in virtue and redoubling her fervor.  She died in 692.

FEAST DAY:  November 5