The memorial day of the dead comes down to us from the first Christians.  It is commemorated on November 2 (or November 3 if the second falls on a Sunday).  It is the belief that all the Faithful Departed whose sins are not fully atoned for are purified in purgatory.   The church mourns for all her children who are being purified in the sufferings of purgatory.  The faithful on earth can help them through their temporal punishment by prayers and alms and especially by the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to hasten their admission into heaven.  Since August 10, 1915 every priest is permitted to offer three Masses on All Souls’ Day – for all the Faithful Departed, one for the Pope and one for the priest’s intention.  Some dioceses have collection of monies, names of the departed and offer Masses for all those souls on All Souls’ Day.  Some  dioceses offer Masses on other days of November also.

FEAST DAY:  November 2