WolfgangBorn in Suabia about 925.  He was one of the outstanding men of his day.  He studied at the Abbey of Reichenau which was noted for its center of learning.  He taught at the cathedral schools of  Wurzburg and Trier.  He joined the monks of Ramhold in reforming the dioceses for Henry the Archbishop, their friend.  Upon Henry’s death, Wolfgang entered the Benedictine monastery of Einsiedeln in Switzerland.  His learning and piety and overall ability was soon observed.  He was named director of the Abbey school.  It became the finest in the country.  He was then ordained a priest.  He, and a group of monks set out to evangelize the Magyars in Pennonia but they weren’t very successful.  Despite his protestations, he was named Archbishop of Ratisbon.  He longed for solitude but he stayed at his duties with all his zeal and capabilities.  He restored canonical life among the clergy, reformed monasteries, and preached tirelessly.  He discharged his duties in such a way that his flock and the royal court held him in high esteem.  He died in 994 and was canonized in 1022 because of his reputation for holiness and the miracles he effected.

FEAST DAY:  October 31
PATRON OF:  Paralysis, strokes