This feast dates back to the 7th century.  On the occasion of the conversion of the ancient Pantheon at Rome to a Christian church, this feast was introduced.  This church was thought to have been built by Marcus Agrippa in the year 27 BC.  He may have just restored and added to it.  Pliny says it was dedicated to Jupiter the Avenger. The Emperor Phocas gave this temple to Pope Boniface IV in the beginning of the 7th century. He converted it into a church and dedicated it to the Blessed Virgin and all the saints, about the year 608. The dedication was held onMay 13.  The feast of the Apostles had been celebrated on the first of May. Pope Gregory III consecrated a chapel in St. Peter’s Church in honor of all the saints about the year 731.  Since then, the Feast of All Saints has been celebrated in Rome.  While in France in 837, Pope Gregory IV encouraged the celebration of this feast in that country.  Greeks celebrate it on the Sunday after Pentecost.

FEAST DAY:  November 1