Born at Brescia, Italy about the middle of the 4th century.  The Bishop of Brescia, (St. Philastrius) provided his education.  He had the reputation for sanctity and traveled to the East where he earned more fame.  He was elected Bishop by the people while traveling in the East.  He accepted although he felt unworthy of the honor.  St. Ambrose consecrated him in 387. That ten of his twenty-one sermons have survived gives testimony to his powerful preaching.  He inspired his flock to imitate the Divine Master constantly.  In 405, Pope Innocent I and Emperor Honorius, sent him and two others to defend St. John Chrysostom before Arcadius.  The party never reached their destination and were shipped back home.  The vessel they were on almost sank.  They were left at Lampsacus.  St. John wrote him a letter of thanks even though his efforts hadn’t borne fruit.  St. Gaudentius died about 410 and was called “the glory of the doctors of the age in which he lives.”

FEAST DAY:  October 25