I desire that you live according to My will, in the most secret depths of your soul. I reflected on these words, which spoke very much to my heart (Diary, 443).

Jesus bent toward me, looked at me kindly and spoke to me about the will of the Heavenly Father. He told me that the most perfect and holy soul is the one that does the will of My Father, but there are not many such, and that He looks with special love upon the soul who lives His will. And Jesus told me that I was doing the will of God perfectly … and for this reason I am uniting Myself with you and communing with you in a special and intimate way (Diary,603).

I was left alone with Jesus, and I said, “Jesus, take me now, for Your will has already been accomplished.” And Jesus answered, My will has not yet been completely accomplished in you; you will still suffer much, but I am with you; do not fear (Diary, 675).

My Prayer Response:

Lord Jesus, I desire what You desire for my life. May I live Your will in the depths of my soul.