According to the Church historian, Eusebius, St. Luke, a Gentile, was born born at Antioch, Syria.  He was a physician and, according to a legend,  also a painter.  One of the earliest converts to the Faith, he later became the missionary companion to St Paul.  He accompanied Paul on part of his second and third missionary journeys, and attended during his Caesarean and Roman captivities.  Little is known with certainty of his subsequent life.  The Church ascribes the third Gospel to St. Luke.  The Gospel shows that that its author was a person of literary knowledge, a physician, and a companion of St. Paul.  The Acts of the Apostles is also ascribed to St. Luke.  His artistic skill portrayed living characters and remained an
inspiration to painters for centuries.  There is a steady movement of events from Nazareth to Jerusalem in his Gospel and from Jerusalem to Rome in the Acts.

FEAST DAY:  October 18
PATRON OF:  Painters and Doctors