St. Ignatius was a convert to the Faith and a disciple of St. John the Evangelist.  St. Peter appointed him Bishop of Antioch according to St. Chrysostom.  Ignatius governed the See of Antioch for forty years.  During the persecution under Domitian, he longed to shed his blood for Christ, but it was not to be.  When the Emperor, Trajan, came to Antioch in the year 107, Ignatius was seized and brought to him.  Because he confessed Christianity, he was taken to Rome in chains to be thrown to the wild beasts.  The people of Smyrna and Troas and other places along the way, welcomed him.  When he arrived in Rome, the faithful of the city had come out to meet him.  He arrived just as the public spectacles in the ampitheater were drawing to a close.  He was thrust into the ampitheater hurriedly and the lions devoured him.  “May I become agreeable bread to the Lord.” he exclaimed as he was dying.  His remains are venerated in a church in Rome.

FEAST DAY:  October 17