Write down everything that occurs to you regarding My goodness. I answered, “What do You mean, Lord, what if I write too much?” And the Lordreplied, My daughter, even if you were to speak at one and the same time in all human and angelic tongues, even then you would not have said very much, but on the contrary, you would have sung in only a small measure the praises of My goodness of My unfathomable mercy.

O my Jesus, You Yourself must put words into my mouth, that I may praise You worthily.

My daughter, be at peace; do as I tell you. Your thoughts are united to My thoughts, so write whatever comes to your mind. You are the secretary ofMy mercy. I have chosen you for that office in this life and the next life(Diary, 1605) .

My Prayer Response:

Praise You, Lord Jesus, that You insisted to St. Faustina that she could never write enough about Your unfathomable mercy! Praise You, Jesus, for inspiring her.