As I took the pen in hand, I addressed a short prayer to the Holy Spirit and said, “Jesus, bless this pen so that everything You order me to write may be for the glory of God.” Then I heard a voice: Yes, I bless [it], because this writing bears the seal of obedience to your superior and confessor, and by that very fact I am already given glory, and many souls will be drawing profit from it. My daughter, I demand that you devote all your free moments to writing about My goodness and mercy. It is your office and your assignment throughout your life to continue to make known to souls the great mercy I have for them and to exhort them to trust in My bottomless mercy (Diary, 1567).

My Prayer Response:

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for blessing the pen of St. Faustina with which she wrote under holy obedience. Her faithfulness to You continues to inspire people around the world. Her Diary has now been translated into dozens of languages and reaches out to millions in need of Your mercy.