When I set to work at underlining the Lord’s words and thus was going through everything in sequence, I reached the page where I had marked down FatherAndrasz’s advice and directions. I did not know what to do, to underline or not to underline, and then I heard these words in my soul: Underline, becausethese words are Mine; I have borrowed the lips of the friend of My Heart in order to speak to you and reassure you. You are to observe these directions until your death. It would not please Me at all if you were to disobey these directions. Know that it is I who have placed him between Myself and your soul. I am doing this to set you at peace and so that you may not err (Diary, 967).

My Prayer Response:

Thank You, Lord Jesus, that You inspired Fr. Andrasz to have Sr. Faustina underline Your words in her Diary . Underlining them, now printing them in boldface, made it easier to gather Your words in this daily devotional all for our spiritual benefit.