St. Gerald was born into a noble family.  He was born in 855, and succeeded his father as Count of Avergne when he died.  He inherited a considerable estate and gave much of his revenue away to the poor.  He avoided all extravagance and worldly pomp.   He was filled with love of God and lived a simple and prayerful life.  He fulfilled all his duties as a wealthy nobleman and dealt with everyone fairly.  Rather than the worldly pursuits, he prayed and meditated and rose at two o’clock every morning, recited a portion of the Divine Office and heard Mass.  He founded a Benedictine monastery at Aurillac after he returned from a pilgrimage to Rome.  He was persuaded not to join the monastery by St. Gausbert, Bishop of Cahors, who said that his true vocation lay in working in the world for the glory of God.  He was afflicted with blindness seven years before his death which he bore with Christian resignation.  He died in 909.  St. Odo of Cluny wrote his biography and St. Gerald became known throughout France.

FEAST DAY:  October  13
PATRON OF:  Disabled people