Born in France about the year 1309.  Was a devout child and refused the  attempts of her parents to get married.  In 3124, she entered the Priory of Beaulieu of the Hospitaller nuns of St. John of Jerusalem.  Many difficult trials were encountered and some of her religious sisters made fun of her.  This produced a depressed state in her.  God granted many unusual and mystical favors to her.  On the feast of All Saints she fell into ecstasy and took no food until three weeks later.  While meditating on the Holy Spirit on another occasion, she was  lifted four feet from the ground and hung in the air in full view of many onlookers.  She seemed to be pierced with the arms of our Lord’s Cross, which caused blood to flow at times from her side and at others, from her mouth.   She was blessed with prophetic knowledge of matters which could only have come from God.  She remained humble and rendered wise counsel to all who came to her because of her holiness and spiritual discernment.  She died in 1347 and many miracles were worked at her tomb.

FEAST DAY:  October 5