Born about 895 and raised in a military atmosphere.  He was assigned to the household of the ruling Count of Namur, Belgium.  Gerard was not interested in the pleasures and pursuits of his noble way of life.   He felt called to the religious life.  He thought the monasteries in his area were lax.  While on a mission to the court of France in 918, he saw the life of the monks of St. Denis and was attracted to it.  He settled his personal affairs and became a member of the monastery.  He was ordained and helped reform the monastery.  Eleven years later, the Abbot sent him to found a monastery on his estate at Brogne.  There, his countrymen who wanted to be monks, would have a place to go.  Because of the model monastery Abbot Gerard formed, its fame spread far and wide.   Duke Gislebert of Lorraine admired his work and commissioned him to reform the Aggey of St. Ghislain near Mons.  Gerard established the Rule of St. Benedict at the monastery and discovered this as his true vocation.  He restored Benedictine rule in 18 monasteries over the next twenty years.  He spent his last few years in solitude in Brogne and died on October 3, 959.

FEAST DAY:  October 3