St. Jerome was born in Stridonium, a small town in Dalmatia.  For years he was wordly, studying Latin and Greek and law, his piety returned to him and he went again to Rome where he was baptized.  In those days baptism was frequently delayed until maturity.  He journeyed for years with others and finally resided in the desert of Chalcis in Syria with Abbot Theodosius.  He spent four years praying and studying.  He began the study of Hebrew.  About the year 377 he received Holy Orders.  He visited Palestine and Constantinople and returned to Rome where he became secretary to Pope St. Damasus for a time.  After the death of Pope St. Damasus, returned to  Bethlehem and began the career of study which has  immortalized him.   He attacked the errors of his day.  He governed and directed the monastery founded by St. Paula.  St. Jerome died in 420 after a long life of prayer, penance and labor.

FEAST DAY:  September 30

PATRON OF:  Librarians