I feel much better today. I was glad I would be able to meditate more during the Holy Hour. Then I heard a voice: You will not be in good health. Do not put offthe Sacrament of Penance, because this displeases Me. Pay little attention to the murmurs of those around you. This surprised me, because I am feelingbetter today, but I gave it no more thought. When the sister switched off the light, I began the Holy Hour. But after a while something went wrong with my heart. I suffered in silence until eleven o’clock, but then I began to feel so bad that I woke up Sister N. [probably Sister Fabiola], who is my roommate, and she gave me some drops, which brought me a little relief so that I could lie down. I now understand the Lord’s warning. I decided to call any priest at all, the next day, and to open the secrets of my soul to him (Diary, 1464).

My Prayer Response:

Lord, when You warn me not to put off the Sacrament of Penance, help me to search out a priest to hear my confession soon.