St. Bernard, who was endowed with the gift of miracles, was born in Burgandy, France of noble parents.  At an early age he was sent to college and was known for his remarkable piety.  He studied theology and Holy Scripture.  He  joined the Cistercian Order to embrace their very austere life.  He persuaded his brothers and several of his friends to join him.  He and 30 young noblemen presented themselves to the Abbot, St. Stephen, at Citeaux.  He made his profession the following year.  The abbot sent him along with twelve monks to found a new monastery.  It became the celebrated Abbey of Clairvaux.  He founded numerous other monasteries and undertook journeys for the honor of God.  He refused several Bishoprics.  Pope Eugene commissioned him to preach the second Crusade  He traveled through France and Germany.  He died on August 20, 1153.

FEAST DAY:  August 20

PATRON:  Beekeepers, candle makers