Pontian became Pope in 230, succeeding Pope Urban.  He was exiled by Emperor Maximus to the mines in Sardinia after the assassination of Alexander Severus in 235. He attained the crown of martyrdom after suffering and persecution for Christ that same year.   Hippolytus, a priest was exiled with him.  He was one of the most important 3rd century theologians of the Roman Church.  Born in 170, he was already a personage of some note when Origen heard him preach at Rome in 202.  He produced Scriptural writings (he wrote the earliest known commentary on Scripture, that of the Book of Daniel) and defended the Faith.  He wrote “Apostolical Tradition” which is the earliest known ritual of ordinations – the equivalent of a Roman Ritual.  After some controversies, he returned to the fold and defended the Church against all her enemies.  He gave his life for the Faith together with Christ’s Vicar on earth.

FEAST DAY:  August 13