Samson was born about 490 and was one of the greatest of the Welsh saints.  He was brought up in the Abbey of Llanwit where he excelled in piety, holy discipline and the study of letters.  After his ordination he retired to another community in the neighborhood and eventually became Abbot.  He accompanied some Irish monks who had visited him back to Ireland where he labored for the Faith.  He enjoyed the gift of miracles and his humility could not tolerate all the attention this brought him.  Going back to Wales, he became a hermit on the banks of the Severn.  St. Dubricius consecrated him a Bishop and he established a monastery at Dol, which became an important Episcopal See.  He interceded with King Childebert I on behalf of the dispossessed Breton ruler, Judual.  He was a dedicated pastor who zealously took care of his flock and traveled a great deal rendering many benefits to his adopted country.  He died in 565 and was immediately honored in England, Normandy and Brittany.  Later his cult spread to Italy.

FEAST DAY:  July 28