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Today’s Reading: Luke 21:1-9

1 He looked up and saw the rich putting their gifts into the treasury: 2 and he saw a poor widow put in two copper coins. And he said, “Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put in more than all of them; for they all contributed out of their abundance, but she out of her poverty put in all the living that she had.”

5 And as some spoke of the temple, how it was adorned with noble stones and offerings, he said, 6 “As for these things which you see, the days will come when there shall not be left here one stone upon another that will not be thrown down.” 7And they asked him, “Teacher, when will this be, and what will be the sign when this is about to take place?” And he said, “Take heed that you are not led astray; for many will come in my name, saying, I am he!’ and, The time is at hand!’ Do not go after them. And when you hear of wars and tumults, do not be terrified; for this must first take place, but the end will not be at once.”


Today’s Commentary:

two copper coins: Literally, “two lepta”. These were the least valuable (Jewish) coins in circulation.

Allegorically: the widow’s offering signifies the purity of the Church in contrast to unfaithful Jerusalem, which gives to God only from its surplus. The Church is the widow whose husband, Christ, has died on her behalf. She lives in poverty of spirit and gives devoutly to the Lord’s treasury the two coins of charity the love of God and neighbor.