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BARNARDINOBorn in Capri, Italy in 1530 into a noble and devout family.  After a thorough and devout Christian education from his mother, he studied medicine at the University of Bologna.  Three years later he switched to law.   He received his doctorate in 1536. He was a learned, dedicated, and brilliant attorney.  In 1564 he was summoned to Naples to become auditor and lieutenant general.  Realizing that he had a religious vocation, and aided by an appearance of the Blessed Mother, he joined the Society of Jesus.   He was ordained in 1567.   He worked unstintingly for three years at Naples, serving the poor and the youth.  Next, he was sent to Lecce.  There he remained for the last forty years of his life.  His ceaseless apostolic labors gained him much recognition.  He was noted as a model confessor, preacher, and teacher of the Faith to the young. He was made Superior and Rector at Lecce.  His charitable works to the poor and sick knew no bounds.  He was responsible for ending vendettas and public scandals.  When he lay dying, the city’s magistrates formally requested that he should take the city under his protection.  Though he could not speak, he bowed his head.  He died with the names of Jesus and Mary on his lips.

FEAST DAY:  July 2