Today’s Lectionary readings: Fifth Sunday of Easter

This is the season of major transitions in many people’s lives. High schools and universities across the land are holding graduations. Confirmations, ordinations, and weddings are being celebrated. Contracts are being negotiated and signed. Families are moving, and settling in. And there is naturally much excitement and jubilation, as well as apprehension and uncertainty about both endings and beginnings. Now endings and beginnings always go hand in hand. We leave some things behind as we embrace new adventures. And as hard as we work to prepare for new adventures, there will always be uncertainty and apprehension about what we do not know. We get comfortable with our old digs. We know what we have, and what we don’t want to give up—old routines, familiar surroundings, familiar faces, comfortable behavior patterns. Practically nobody likes the idea of growing older, although preschoolers might. I suppose…

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