Day by day, it seems, we are witnesses to the disintegration of our own society in terms of immorality, family, and religious ignorance or indifference. Our friends, relatives, and neighbors seem to live in a fog of what I term “functional atheism,” that is: they live as if God doesn’t exist and as if there are no eternal consequences for our individual moral choices. The devil surely tempts us believers to lose sight of the mind-blowingly supernatural quality of being a Catholic and how our baptisms have permanently tapped us into the superabundant power of God, who triumphed for all time on the Cross. His divine power is available to us through the Mystical Body of Christ, including via the intercession of the Church Triumphant—countless millions of Christians who now participate from heaven in the saving work of Jesus on earth.

Five saints among the members of the Church Triumphant have proven utterly reliable over the centuries. I encourage you to ask each of them for help, even on a daily basis. Perhaps some of you had a devotion when you were younger which has faded in recent years. Some may have no devotion because it simply was not passed on to you. You can do a lot of good for others with these saints:

  • Saint Joseph
  • Saint Anthony of Padua
  • Saint Jude the Apostle
  • Saint Thérèse of Lisieux
  • Saint Josemaria Escriva