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How often must a Catholic Christian participate in the celebration of the Eucharist?

A Catholic Christian is obliged to attend Holy Mass on all Sundays and holy days of obligation. Anyone who is really seeking Jesus’ friendship responds as oftenas possible to Jesus’ personal invitation to the feast.

Actually, for a genuine Christian, “Sunday duty” is just as inappropriate an expression as “kiss duty” would be for someone who was truly in love. No one canhave a living relationship with Christ without going to the place where he is waiting for us. Therefore, from ancient times the celebration of Mass has been the “heart of Sunday” and the most important appointment in the week.

What sort of preparation do I need in order to be able to receive Holy Eucharist?

Someone who would like to receive Holy Eucharist must be Catholic. If he has a serious sin on his conscience, he must first make a confession. Beforeapproaching the altar, one should be reconciled with his neighbors.

Until a few years ago, the practice was to eat nothing for at least three hours before Mass; that was how people prepared to encounter Christ in HolyCommunion. Today the Church requires at least one hour of fasting. Another sign of reverence is to wear one’s finest clothing – after all, we have a rendezvous with the Lord of the world.

How does Holy Communion change me?

Every Holy Communion unites me more deeply with Christ, makes me a living member of the Body of Christ, renews the graces that I received in Baptism and Confirmation, and fortifies me for the battle against sin.