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Born to St. Gregory Nazianzen the Elder and St. Nonna in Cappadocia.  He became acquainted with St. Basil at the rhetorical school at Caesarea, Palestine.  Then he went to Athens for ten years where both Basil and the future Emperor Julian the Apostate were also studying.   At about the age of 30 he went to Pontus to live a life of a solitary.  Two years later he returned home to assist his elderly father.  He was ordained by his father and around 372 was named Bishop of Sasima.  He never went to Sasima but remained with his father.  After his father’s death, he suffered a breakdown.  Later he was invited to Constantinople by a group of bishops to help revitalize the church in the East.  His preaching brought floods of converts.  He was abused and persecuted by the Arians, Apollinarists, and Maximus who tried to depose him.  Gregory prevailed and was made Archbishop of Constantinople.  During a controversy over his election, he resigned now that orthodoxy had been restored.  He lived a private life in great austerity and died January 25.   

 FEAST DAY:  May 9