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Born into a noble family of Cordova, Spain.  He was ordained to the priesthood and became head of the most important ecclesiastical school in Spain.  He was esteemed for his virtues, and his fasting and prayer.  When violent persecution broke out against Christians in 1850, he encouraged martyrs.  He, his bishop, and many priests were thrown into prison.  He wrote an “Exhortation to Martyrdom” for the virgins, Flora and Mary, who were then beheaded.  They promised to pray for Eulogius and companions.  Six days after their death, Eulogious and his companions were released.

A virgin named Leocritia (Lucretia) converted to Christianity and begged his protection from her angry parents.  He hid her among friends, but they were found and condemned to death.  He was beheaded on March 11, 859 and she was beheaded four days later. 

FEAST DAY- March 11